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4 Tricks to make content more engaging

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It is no secret that shit posting has absolutely zero impact on your brand growth. Brands need to create suitable and captivating content in order to build an engaged community around them. This is relevant for anybody in almost any industry. Whether you are in the automobile industry or trying to sell crispy potato chips, you still need better content: content that is sharable and highly engaging.


As we all know, some things are so obvious that they stare right at our faces, but you stay laid back and won’t budge until someone gives you a little push. Therefore, we are here to sprinkle some of our magic essence that will push you into turning out more engaging content.

So, Throughout this post, we will give you simple recommendations on how to improve your content. So here goes:

1. Have one killer CTA

A call to action is what you want your audience to do. It is the part of your ad that leads the target audience towards an action. The simplest example of a CTA is “Shop now!”

From all the campaigns we have worked on across microsites, there was one thing evident. The most effective way to ensure that your audience engages with your content is to tell them exactly what you want them to do. Make a clear call to action, and don’t blow hot and cold. But don’t be greedy and confuse people with multiple CTAs,  just have one with a strong command verb. 

Further, make it noticeable at a glance because people are not going to ‘search’ for it. Viewers are usually laid back, they would not jump straight up and check your ad unless you are giving them $1 Billion. People would skim through your content and if the CTA is not visible, you can’t expect much right?

The next is to give your audience a good reason as to why they should click that button. This reason is your USP which will go hand in hand with your CTA. 

It could be something like, “Signup for our newsletter”, “Register to receive a quote”, or “Inquire to join the webinar”.

So for example, for a marketing agency like us, if we are to publish an exclusive report on the hottest updates, we need to make sure our audience knows the way to get their hands on the cake. Therefore, rather than saying “The report is available”, something straightforward that says, “Signup to download the report now” would give direct direction and even imply that by signing up you can get the report right away will help to improve CTR.

2. The structure calls for it all

Now, one of the most simple things we often overlook is the way we have arranged the content. The smaller details matter the most. The way every piece of information is presented makes it more consumable. This applies to any form of content. Just as explained in the previous point, people don’t take the time to read everything in your content. 

But if the parts of your website, blog, social media posts, video, infographics, etc. are structured in a way that people can grasp and can know what to click, you have won! 

“What consumers see at one glance has everything to do with what they’ll do next”

Here, is why:

Computers can analyze and read through bulky texts that look horrible and extract key information if you teach them how to. But we humans cannot. We are visually stimulated and we love great experiences. 

So, here onwards think of content as an experience you are designing for your audience. Carefully curated structures bring out the best storytelling. However, it is not easy because you need to pay attention to detail from the backend. One important thing content creators; especially writers, could develop is a “skeleton” that outlines the structure of what comes after what and what you will cover. 


3. Make it super relatable

Nothing is more entertaining than agile content that speaks to the context. Creating content that is relatable to what’s trending leaves creators more space to be fun and entertaining plus fans absolutely love them! Whether it’s sarcasm, fun, joy, or dark humor, agile content pillars are the surefire way for brands to reflect their sassiness and creativity.

Also, if we talk about memes, Oh! There’s a lot to talk about. 

Did you know that Memes are now an academic discipline called “memelogy” yes! Believe us, you can get a degree in memes. Memes remove the stress out of people by making fun of things we stress on. While there are social media brand pages that communicate only through memes, animated memes in the form of gifs are also a huge hit in the industry. 

Netflix, Fenty beauty, Disney, and Barkbox are some famous examples that leverage memes into their recipe. 


Especially by identifying your customer’s pain points, the problems that annoy them, and creating content around them to show how your product is a solution is a great way to market. Another way is making your content match the current trend. 

Thus, being tone sensitive and as relevant as possible can instantly boost a content piece’s timeliness and relevance.


4. Client: How Visual can you make it? 


No one, I repeat NO ONE prefers to consume lengthy paragraphs over pretty pictures. We all like visuals. Even if you have a Ph.D. and have to read through boring complicated research papers with no pictures but the text, you won’t find it enjoyable because our brains naturally reject them. 

Visual marketing is so powerful that it is game over for lengthy paragraphs. People repeatedly choose images over text and they spend more time looking at them too.


“The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text”


So if you ever think, graphics cost more, think again. Visuals unlock the door to the right-hand side of our brain that wants to engage in creative and intuitive thinking even if it is for a split second. This is why our brain notices visuals first. 

So even if you have no other way to explain the idea better other than text, try your best to bring them out visually. 


Choose the way you deliver your idea

Try to restructure information so that people can visually understand what you are trying to tell. You can use arrows, SmartArt graphics, charts, icons, and shapes to break down the text into visuals. Play with space, colors, and typography to discover better combinations. Also using emojis in between text can and will make content visually appealing.

Also, on top of all that, don’t forget to enjoy the process!


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