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We are a provocative creative agency focused on imagining and building outstanding graphics that push the limits of design and development.

Company History

Established in 2016, Ideamind is a full-service digital media agency based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We help brands grow fast, bringing ideas to life. Started in our founder’s (Steve Enas) bedroom as a freelance venture, today Ideamind is one of the fast-growing digital media agencies in Sri Lanka. With experience in working with many international and local clients of all sizes and industries, we have the expertise to deliver proven tailor-made solutions for your unique situation. We are not just full of creative and innovative ideas but also, full of effective solutions that bring you the results you seek, which is our secret to success within such a short period of time. To us, the relationship with our clients matters the most. We are quality concerned just as you are. We always make sure of high-quality solutions, good communication and fast also effective solutions to help you receive the best ROI for your investment.

What We Do!

We craft engaging websites and develop sophisticated mobile apps which work seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms. With years of experience in helping various organisations with their social media strategy and implementation, we ensure that every step we take, brings you one step closer in achieving your goals and objectives. Our team works with passion, purpose and commitment to bring alive your idea!

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    It is important that you grow your customer base, fast.

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    But first, you have to build a winning product or service.

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    And you cannot do that until you solve the right problem.

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    At Ideamind, we bring rigor to this process, to get you further, faster.


The team at Ideamind is extremely professional. Very creative and innovative and their service is outstanding. They are currently handling my digital media projects and have successfully implemented strategies.


Tamara St John

Australian Singer, Song writer and Composer

Deciding to take this journey on with Ideamind was on of the best decisions I have made for the brand


Nadinka Aponso

Brand Manager - Glow & Lovely Sri Lanka