Rasapiri Sathkaraya

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Digital extension of the activation - Viva Rasa Piri Sathkaraya


Viva, strongly rooted in its brand promise of – nurturing a nutritionally rich society – is a brand that has nourished millions of Sri Lankans over generations. With 8+ years of market presence, Viva has achieved annual market penetration of over 45%. However, as the second market leader in the category, with the i ncrease in competitor activity in a market that’s becoming increasingly fragmented, Viva had the challenge to convert FCMP (Full Cream milk powder) users by creating the Viva habit. Hence, Viva wanted to reach new audiences and drive brand loyalty by creating a unique, memorable, and shareable experience that re-activated its brand promise.


Viva being a mass brand, the need to drive a purpose campaign with refreshment and energy at its core was identified.

Sri Pada is a key cultural pilgrimage of millions of people. The Sri Pada pilgrimage is one of the historical events in Sri Lanka with millions of tourists and locals visiting to witness it. These are major events on the country’s calendar that moves every Sri Lankan. Yet, the journey on foot of these pilgrimages especially Sri Pada can be tiresome, not to mention the scorching heat. Viva wanted to solve this common problem by providing energetic refreshment –as a compassionate, family brand – central to its brand promise. This initiative won many devoted hearts of the people as it kept families refreshed and active throughout their pilgrimage.


Additionally, the travel difficulties that arose with the country’s situation and COVID, restricted most devotees to remain at home. Therefore, as a solution, the brand intended to accompany the devotees both at home and at the location to witness the event through digital integration on their social media by creatively integrating online and offline activations.  

At the same time, the challenges the country faced affected the mood of every Sri Lankan, where a sense of hope and belief in a better tomorrow was in need.

This gave Viva the perfect opportunity to reach millions of consumers with its brand message while creating positivity and uplifting the collective belief towards bringing blessings and protection of the sacred relics to the entire nation.    


This campaign is a yearlong campaign intended to carry out in the coming years and has currently completed 3 campaign extensions as of this date.


Sri Pada Extension 


Offline executions included the brand offering a panduru for each comment Viva page fans added under the campaign launch post that was intended to collect devoted blessings and wishes. This was targeting the devotees remaining at home. Each wish was printed with a pandura named “Pathum panduru”. This was Viva’s way of accompanying at-home devotees also to the Pinkama that moved many devoted hearts of Sri Lankans.

Offline executions included the brand offering refreshing Viva samples alongside.

Online executions focused mainly on bringing awareness to offline activations, providing live updates to get at-home devotees also engaged while collecting blessings and wishes from them.


The Activation carried out for 3 days, with 24,170 samples and all samples were utilized. 


The results the campaign generated are as follows:

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