Surf Excel Stains at Home Campaign

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Helping young parents and children find means of distraction and a way to adapt to the new normal behavior through creativity and bonding in lockdown.


When the pandemic hit in early March 2020, people were struggling and mental health accounted for the majority. Adults themselves found it challenging to adapt to the new norm and Kids may have found it even harder to understand and adapt. Parents were not only put into an unforeseen situation of working from home but also taking care of their children, who now started studying from home. Kids were becoming restless without meeting their friends.


Lockdowns and lifestyle changes that ensued were hard and tough on everyone. The pandemic had changed everything, from the most complicated to simplest of our everyday action. Exhaustion from digital classrooms and the monotony of routine was starting to get to kids and parents alike. Surf Excel decided to step in to help parents take things in hand and have fun with their kids! 


The #stainsathome campaign was launched to help kids and young parents find fun indoors! 

When parents think about kids playing indoors, they worry about the mess, dirt and stains on clothes! 

Surfexcel asked parents to stow their apprehension about dirty clothes and go all out when having fun with children!


As the first phase of the #Stainsathome campaign, we asked young mothers and parents to engage in creative fun activities with their kids and send their entries to us.

To honor the enthusiasm of our contests, we awarded as many as 100 participants over a span of 10 days 

The most creative 100 entries were rewarded with amazing gift hampers by #Surfexcel! 

With the competition we were able to successfully engage children and parents positively during the pandemic and help them break their mundane routine. 

As a part of the second phase, Surf Excel tied up with local mommy influencers to create short videos on fun activities that parents could do with their kids.

A chosen list of famous mum influencers was identified, and their video clips were shared across all the social media platforms of Surf Excel 

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