Rehegoo Music Group – UK

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The Client

Rehegoo is a global music service provider that offers fully-licensed music for businesses and creators headquartered in London, UK. Founded in 2014, Rehegoo now is a dynamic group specializing in creating, and distributing digital products such as compilation of artists, albums and mobile apps. Albums recorded with Rehegoo continuously occupy the TOP 100 charts in their specific genres. Businesses and creators who are looking for high-quality, fully-licensed music can find what they need in rehegoo’s easy-to-search library. Businesses, creators and artists visit the Rehegoo website daily to find music


Music and Entertainment

The Brief

With over 120+ artists, brands and  creators collaborating with Rehegoo, millions of users visited the website daily. The website had multiple sources of user acquisition channels in their business model, however the brand needed to understand their user behavior to a deeper level to optimize their business model for future growth. Rehegoo needed to track and measure the company’s traffic goals as well as demonstrate the return on investment on their website and social media. For this, the easiest way was to set up Google Analytics. However, the transition and getting started with Google analytics can be quite challenging for brands.

What We Did

To get started with Google Analytics, our analytics team started with setting up tag manager. Tag manager is an open source tag management tool provided by Google. It collects all of your website’s information and transmits it to platforms like Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics. It also allows you to manage other tags, such as AdWords conversion tracking and remarketing tags. This tool can be very helpful in managing website’s data and keeping track of marketing efforts. In Rehegoo’s case, it was pretty straightforward but formulating each form of conversion into a goal needed a deep understanding of actual use cases. After understanding and identifying the necessary conversion funnels after insightful discussions, the team then came to create the account and properties under the domain in Google analytics.

The Outcome

After setting up the GA dashboard the brand was able to track the actual data on digital traffic driven to the website such as,

  • Where did the visitors come from?
  • The amount of Traffic gained by individual pages
  • Total number of leads converted
  • The websites from which your leads originated including social channels
  • Information on visitors’ demographics (e.g. where they live) on a customized intuitive dashboard.

With the 1-1 support from our analytics team, the brand team smoothly transitioned its way through the use of important data to make informed decisions.