Glow and Lovely Career Foundation

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Glow & Lovely, formerly known as Fair & Lovely, is a brand trusted by nearly 1Mn households of Sri Lanka.  As the market leader in face care for over 20 years the brand wanted to go beyond its definition of being a product that enhanced a woman’s beauty. However, due to the divide in financial and infrastructural access, there were practical barriers for women, especially in suburban and rural areas to reach their true potential and these women account to Glow and Lovely’s core consumer.


Being central to its brand promise, Glow and Lovely wanted to stand by the fact that a woman feels beautiful when she takes confidence and pride in who she is – and not limited to her external appearance. Therefore the brand decided to address this skill gap that hindered women from embracing her career dreams and aspirations.


Glow & Lovely careers was launched in Sri Lanka in November 2019 with the purpose of helping the women of this country to create their own identity by giving them access to free online Education in the form of over 100+ online courses and career guidance. This was launched via a website that made the platform accessible to any and all from any part of the country and at zero cost. 


Glow & Lovely Careers launched in November 2019, was taken to the public in 2020 on a pure digital-only approach to drive the conversation around career and development and reach women far and wide. The initial groundwork was laid when Glow & Lovely careers took on the main sponsorship of Edex Expo – Sri Lanka’s largest career exhibition while bringing in influencers who shared live updates from location. Glow & Lovely remained agile as the pandemic increased digital consumption. The brand urged women to use their increased screen time productively, engaging in pursuits that could help them advance their careers. The overall broader theme of the campaign was ‘spend 30-minutes at least once a week’ to master a new skill. In the fourth quarter of 2020, a campaign themed “Sheglows” was launched to emphasize that when a woman is able to push boundaries and establish herself in society, confidence stemming from her success gives her the real “Glow.” 


Glow & Lovely Sri Lanka received global recognition for the webinars launched. In May 2020, the page hit 5000 registrations and 10,000 later in the year in a short span of pure digital-centric investments. Over 27,000 individuals took online courses, 14,000 individuals used resume builder tools and over 470,000 visitors went through the website content that was published on the website on the topic of career and professional development. We were able to establish ourselves as an entity that focuses on the future of women and also one that helps women find confidence in their strength which is the one thing that makes every woman GLOW with beauty.