Ideamind Media June 29, 2022

How important is it to know your audiences’ buying habits before creating content?

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Getting to know your audience can be a stepping stone to the success of your brand. How exactly can we know the likes, dislikes, preferences, wants, and needs of our audience? 


The answer is through Insights.




It is very important to know your audience before creating content for your brand. At the end of the day, if you create content that is irrelevant to your audience you will not gain any sales or benefit from it.


One might wonder “How do I get to know my audience?” On Instagram and Facebook, we can find it under insights if it’s a business page. We can get to know everything we need about our audience from there. Insights include information such as the number of the follower rate the brand has gained and the un-follow rate, where your audience is located, age range, gender, and also when the audience is most active. These details become crucial for you to get a larger reach.


Another way to interact and provide better, relevant content to your audience is through engaging campaigns. Some examples of basic engagement campaigns are posts involving polls on Instagram for the audience to pick between two choices, or using the questionnaire polls so that the audience can share their suggestions and recommendations for the brand. You can ask the audience the kind of products or services they would like to see through the polls. You can also create graphical content, video content, and client testimony content and monitor which type of content garners the highest engagement rate.


Additionally, it is very important to be updated on current affairs in the country and across the world for Agile content. It becomes essential to become a part of online conversations surrounding these topics, and allow your content to gain more reach organically.

Your audience can be in any part of the world and it is important to create content on special days and trending topics to build a bond.


Staying updated on trends can also keep you ahead of your competitors. For example, creating content that includes a trending song or filter can keep your audience entertained. By gathering all the insights of your audience you can create content that is tailor-made to suit the interests of your followers/audience.

However, make sure you upload your content at the most active times and also don’t over-post a lot of content at once. We recommend uploading twice or thrice a week and having varied content on both stories and posts. Make sure you have a clear call to action and information about the brand or product on the content, for example, if it’s a clothing brand you can mention the material type, the amount of the item, which sizes are available, and contact details. You can also do brand collaborations with another brand that has the same target audience, it will be a great way to increase your follower base as well.

Maintaining and giving something for the audience to look forward to should be considered when creating content too. Having a face to the brand can help the audience feel more comfortable and connected to the brand as well. It will feel more like talking to a friend rather than just a brand.


When creating content you can include the person who is known as the “face of the brand” so that when the audience sees him/her will remind them of your brand. Sending across your products to influencers for reviews and getting content through them along with the product is another great way to speak to your audience.


In conclusion, when creating content you must:

  • Have key selling points you want to highlight
  • Maintain a theme throughout the content
  • Do the audience research with the help of insights
  • Have engagement campaigns to interact with your audience
  • Upload content at the most active hours
  • Keep up with trends and incorporate them into your content
  • Have a clear call to action on the content and necessary details of the product
  • Have brand collaborations or influencer reviews
  • Create a face for the brand to build up a bond with the audience.

Also getting client testimonials from people who experienced your brand can build that brand trust between the brand and the audience.