Analytics and Insights 

Unlock the power of analytics

Analytics is key to every business, but it may not be simple to get started. 

With Google Analytics, you can track everything from page views and bounce rates to session length and conversion rates. This gives you a detailed insight into how users interact with your website and can help you uncover new ways to improve your site’s performance.

Our Approach to Analytics

Advanced Setups

From creating conversion goals and funnels across the user journey to configuring webapps, we can set up and configure analytics to match your business model.

Analytics Audits

Periodically audit and update configurations to match client demands, tracking goals, site configurations to ensure no user activity is left unmeasured.

Custom Reports

Slice your data exactly how its needed, visualize user flow, and audience reports to create tailor made unique reports to fit your business goals that can be updated real time.

Case Studies​

You can see samples of our work here